Wine Chronicle tracks the following information:

  • Wine name and year
  • Varietal
  • Vineyard and importer information
  • Country and region
  • Bottle size
  • Quantity and date purchased
  • Current inventory
  • Price paid and value per bottle
  • Storage location
  • Retailer
  • Maturity dates
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Personal tasting notes
  • and more

Wine Chronicle prints the following reports:

  • Full wine details
  • Storage locations
  • Neck labels !!!
  • Purchase Journal
  • Cellar summary (Shiraz: 18 bottles, Merlot: 12 bottles, etc.)
  • Full listing by varietal
  • Maturity report

A sample of the reports generated by Wine Chronicle can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat document.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view these samples.